Photography, Creative Media & Film (YEAR 2)

UAL Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology



The final unit provides students with the opportunity to refine and demonstrate the skills, knowledge and understanding appropriate to their choice of future career path and entry to higher education or related employment. ​This project exhibits the wealth and breadth of the skills acquired through the 2 year programme. ​ The Final Major Project is publicly displayed to showcase the professional standards they have reached as a result of their further educational study.

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Progression Route: Gap Year


Fallen Dusk


During these past two years I have discovered new styles and improved on my knowledge and understanding of art. Not only have I improved on my chosen medium which is digital illustration, although I have enjoyed exploring other aspects of digital art (film, photography and graphic design), which I tackled in my first year mostly. Although I have enjoyed exploring and improving my skills in different mediums, I feel that my illustration stands out the most as well as what I’m most passionate about, so that would be my chosen medium.

Project Concept:

By this time I have already come up with a concept idea and already in development with designing characters and locations. I have been able to look at eras of gaming and their concept pieces and what I think would be an achievable outcome. From the very first game all the way up to the most recent game, I was able to explore how far technology in games has come. I have decided to settle on pixel based gameplay and would create concept pieces that would be more detailed than they would be  in the actual “game”. To achieve this I would use my iPad to illustrate my ideas using the app procreate


My idea is to create a game universe and create creatures, NPCs and playable characters to be in the game. It would be based on games from the 2000s except more pixelated. I’d like to display it as if it were on a gaming magazine, although I’m also planning on recreating an old scene from my first unit on the course (unit o9).

I’d be referring to other artists I know and asking them what they think of my designs, and using free time at work to sketch concepts.


Progression Route: University of South Wales BA (Hons) Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

Leinporth: The Complete History


Throughout this entire qualification, I have learned various things about my area of interest (VFX and animation) which I have strengthened through my will to learn and I knew that it would be beneficial to my last project, considering how it revolved around the theme of experimental film and animation.

During this qualification, the modules they have (experimental film, animation, VFX) have influenced me to focus on mostly VFX and animation (and a little bit of film) in order to learn new skills that I need for my university and for the rest of my life. One example would be the trigger projects that I made in Unit 10. 

This module made me learn not to prioritise narrative, as I once knew that there are many types of storytelling and structuring within a film; as long as I am using technique. This became the main factor in impacting the way my films are interpreted visually.

Project Concept:

This project concept involves an experimental format for a 3 minute film, where we see a 200 year old alien teenager strolling around Leinporth taking photos of various buildings, reminiscing the town’s history, when it is a hotspot for extraterrestrials and supernatural activity (tornados and black holes in the Lido). He narrates his thoughts as he walks around the town and we see a montage of flashbacks where he first appears in the town (he ends up in the early 1820s) and when he gets involved in certain events (ghosts in the theatre in the 1900s, a black hole in 1987’s storm, a fire creature during WWII, a UFO in 1860, and a tornado in 2019), and as he walks to the spot where he teleported for the first time, he looks over and, he takes another photo as a keepsake.

This production will be live action and it will have VFX involved (green screen, retrieving archive footage of Worthing in the past. I aim to experiment with technique over narrative (just like how Georges Melies used his films to show off technique) and it will be 3 minutes in time scale. I will use the white studio for green screen and my Mac at home for the post-production. I would also be able to incorporate independent study in the LRC, or home if failing that.


Progression Route: Ravensbourne University London BA (Hons) Motion Graphics

Loners Garden


Over the past 12 units of this course, I have picked up many new skills I never knew I was capable of. Before college commenced, I didn't have any professional guidance in my learning, so this experience at first was new to me. I feel as though I was able to easily adapt due to the course being heavily coursework oriented, being a practical person and all. My favourite unit probably had to be the first FMP (Unit 8). My reasoning behind this is that long term projects require large amounts of problem solving, which I am fond of. Practically anything can be achieved in these FMP’s and the fact there’s so much freedom is probably why I like it so much. After completing Unit 8, it enabled me to flourish as a person and find interests I wasn't aware that I had.

Project Concept:

There was no set theme for this FMP, giving all of us a chance to delve into something we are interested in. I decided to concentrate on the concept of historical paintings, and even though this isn't something I’m particularly interested in, I wanted to base my project on a topic I hadn’t touched on before. Within this topic, I was able to include other hobbies and interests, like anime, Instagram and After Effects. Once again, I will be making sure this project is self portrait based as this is what I have specialised in since the beginning. My overall aim is to recreate famous paintings in video form, capturing the moments leading up to when the painting was captured, almost creating a connecting storyline. In fact, another topic I have always adored is storytelling. Ever since I was young, this method was how I communicated my imagination, and now it’s something that consistently shows up in all my projects. All of these factors combined should hopefully show who I am as a person as well as conveying the right intentions. I have looked forward to this particular unit ever since I first heard about it, so I don’t want to mess up this opportunity.


Progression Route: NBMET Foundation Art, Design & Media then University of Portsmouth BA (Hons) Media and Communication



I believe that in the past units I have improved in multiple aspects. I have learned a-lot about moving images not just about how you film them but how to edit, camera work and scriptwriting. i didn’t just learn and practice moving images, i also learned how to use Photoshop.

At the beginning of this course I was familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro but it was beginner stuff i was knowledgeable about but after the 12 units I believe that I have gained a lot of knowledge about Premier Pro. 

Photoshop is something I started at a bit later in the course. I wanted to expand on what i can do so I decided to do Photoshop. I've always wanted to do Photoshop but didn’t have the opportunity but now I finally did I didn't understand the languages Photoshop used so I didn't know what was what but after watching some videos I got the hang of it.

Project Concept:

I originally had like three ideas I really wanted to do and it was really hard to choose which one to do but I think the screenplay is the best one for me. The reason I believe it's the best one to do is because it's very personal and it's something that I believe people need to know about what actually happens in the real world and how it affects people. its about a guy looking for a friend that went missing and is trying to save him But the friend has been hiding his true feelings and that he's been suffering and in pain a lot trying to make others but he doesn’t seek help because he believes he's alone and has nobody that loves him like he loves others. He believes he's a bad person and deserves to suffer which led him to self hatred.

Some event happened and it has affected the friend so much he completely lost it and went rogue. He has been hurting people who weren't good but he has been very violent when hurting them to the point that they wish they'd died. 

The reason I wanted to make a screenplay is because it's something I'm interested in. I'm not saying I don't enjoy filming or editing, it's just script writing. You can roam around in your mind and come up with a fantasy and write it down and give character to people that don't exist. with script writing you can write about anything and you don't need to worry about camera angles or lighting, you just use your imagination when you read the script.

William Middleton

Progression Route: TBC



Through the first 12 units you can clearly see my progress from the written work to the practical work. in most Adobe apps, Particularly in Photoshop and in camera effects. I have been able to create pieces of work up to a great standard. I often use Photoshop inside and outside of college to create whatever I can. Having it outside of college has helped a lot and given me skills and tips I wouldn't have found in college.

Project Concept:

In this project, I aim to make a professional looking album cover to a few singles and a full album.

Elysia Natale

Progression Route: Apprenticeship & Falmouth University BA (Hons) Photography



I am beyond happy with the progress I have made since starting the qualification. When I first began the course I had no knowledge surrounding the Adobe Creative Suite, however I am extremely pleased with the skills I have developed especially in Photoshop. I feel throughout each of the units I have experimented with new skills and tools creating unique pieces that I wouldn't have been able to do if I hadn't learnt and collected knowledge in Photoshop. 


Therefore I have chosen photography as my medium because I have gained a really good understanding in production and feel that my camera and editing skills have improved as well, especially in the first year FMP, the long exposure pieces I created were extremely successful and I am incredibly proud of them.


I am excited to see where my FMP progresses with all the combined skills I have learnt and hope to continue developing these at Falmouth University.

Project Concept:

For my FMP this year I have decided to try the technique of light painting. The concept behind my idea is the juxtaposition of light and darkness. I have linked this into religion as light is symbolic for life and is a source of goodness. This works well with long exposure in the darkness highlighting evil. I will use the light source as a metaphor for eternal life surrounding a model wearing white to portray purity. Manifestations of light include flames therefore I will incorporate this into my pieces. Ultimately these pictures will show not only an aesthetically pleasing picture but also a deeper meaning. 

I have taken inspiration from various artists I have researched and aim to create a unique range of pictures that will challenge both my production and pre production skills. 


Progression Route: Bournemouth University BA (Hons) Photography



Throughout the previous 12 units of this qualification my knowledge and understanding of my chosen medium (Photography) has expanded massively. At the beginning of the course my depth for research,Adobe suite experience and experience with cameras was limited. However over the last year and a half this has all changed and I now feel confident self directing my final project. My photography and film experience has improved a vast amount, especially within Photoshop, After Effects and Premier Pro. This qualification has helped me narrow down what I enjoy doing and allowed me to figure out my next steps.

As I mentioned, a lot of this work will be self directed which I am only capable of doing due to the experience and knowledge I have gained. I will create a whole detailed project with the appropriate; planning, problem solving, research, dedication and organisation in theoretical and technical situations.

Project Concept:

My project concept is to make a variety of album covers and supporting artwork and then make physical copies whether it may be CD’s, Shirts, Hats, Cassette, Vinyl. I plan for each cover to be unique from each other, this may be done by a varying style, aesthetic or theme. One of the covers might be more 90s based so the supporting merch will be different where a more modern styled album would be more social media based and influenced.

Not only will I design the cover art, each image will also have a deeper meaning or message which would almost present the concept of the album. To make this more realistic I plan to create the tracklist which will likely include hints and links to the cover and concept of the album. With this comes another potential piece of artwork, the back cover with the tracklist on it. 


Progression Route: NB MET Foundation Art, Design & Media

The Dawn Chapter Concept Project


I feel that my skills and views on digital arts have drastically changed over the course of the past 12 units. This course has helped me figure out my passion for digital art lies within character design, game art and gifs. My skills currently aren't comparable to when I started this course. My knowledge of the character design process and storytelling within digital media vastly expanded through the experimentation in the first year and the heavy refinement my art has been undergoing this year.

This progression has made me feel confident enough to execute the concept I had for this FMP since the beginning of the course but worried it wouldn't be achievable with my understanding of digital art at the time. With a more refined understanding of character design as a whole and a new approach to my work style and digital arts I aim to realise this concept within the time available to me.

Project Concept:

“The dawn chapter” aims to illustrate a horror/comedy game concept taking heavy inspiration from the games landscape in the year 1998, presented in both a physical and digital manner during exhibition. My project aims to include visually nostalgic elements merged with more modern aspects of meta horror. Wilbur and I will be working very closely together so we will also act as direct peer feedback and interview sources during research. As a team we also have access to my shed as a studio space which will allow us to work even if we are unable to get transport to college. 


We are linking plots, locations and a fake company seemingly behind both games with visual styles being separated by a console generation. My goal is to refine my skills as a character designer and illustrator aiming to produce presentations of character designs, fake screenshots, scripts and marketing material. At this stage I want to leave options open for extra content given what could happen between now and June however I am confident in the full production of the main material for this project with the aid of programs such as Procreate, Blender and Photoshop.

Rebecca Twyman

Progression Route: Bournemouth University BA (Hons) Television Production



Over the past 12 units I have been able to expand and develop my skills in many different aspects of digital arts. Throughout the past two years I have learnt how to develop my ideas into final pieces, whilst making them my own by using the different editing softwares that are available to us on the Adobe suite. I have also gained an understanding about the importance of audience and market research, as these things allow you to get the best results for any projects you are creating.


I have gained a huge amount of skills within Adobe Photoshop and Premier as these are the softwares that I have used the most throughout the past units. I have learnt how the post production can be just as important as the production process. Finalizing your pieces through editing and using different techniques can really elevate the quality of work. Whereas, before I started this course I had no idea about the different things you could do to images and moving images to improve them.


This is why I have chosen the medium of photography for my final major project because this allows me to demonstrate and experiment with the different skills that I have learnt within the Adobe softwares. I will predominantly use Photoshop to edit my pictures and make them look the best that they can.

Project Concept:

My aim for this project is to produce multiple composite photo photography pieces. These pieces will each be unique and surrealistic as I morph two worlds into one through multiple different objects, through the use of photoshop. I have yet to decide what elements I am editing together.


I hope to create an eye-catching visual piece of work that shows two things that don't belong together, looking seamless and synchronized; juxtaposed by multiple different images. I hope to make my work look as realistic as possible. Doing this will help me to expand my skills and knowledge, causing me to learn new things and develop my skills.


To complete this project I will need access to a laptop and the Adobe suite. I can access both of these things at college and at home, which will help me when it comes to the production of this project. The Internet is also a crucial asset for my FMP, as I will be using it regularly. I will also make a to-do list every week to make sure I complete each task within the allocated timescale, which will help me to keep on track and not fall behind. Any peer feedback will also be welcomed to ensure that I am producing the best work possible.

Photography, Creative Media & Film (Year 1)
UAL Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology

End of Year Show


The final unit provides students with the opportunity to refine and demonstrate the skills, knowledge and understanding appropriate to their choice of future specialism. ​This project exhibits the wealth and breadth of the skills acquired through the 1st year of the programme. ​ The Final Major Project is publicly displayed to showcase the professional standards they have reached as a result of their further educational study thus far.


Progression Route: NBMET - Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology - Photography, Creative Media & Film


While I did and have always focused on animation/illustration based final pieces, I have come to realise what my strengths and weaknesses are.

I am aware of my struggles with finding the motivation to animate (from past work) and understand that I would not be able to produce effective work if I did go that route again. 

I have learnt a lot from my past units, such as skills in editing (video, photo and audio) and knowledge related to finding royalty free material. 

Before this course I didn't know too much about filmmaking/photography and this knowledge acquired over a period of time has influenced this change. 

I have always had an interest in photography and film editing but I felt threatened by how much I’d need to learn/invest in. Now I am more confident in my abilities and am more than happy to make this change for the FMP.

Project Concept:

After much deliberation and research, both work/topic related and personal, I’ve finalised the concept of my project. I aim to create a short film piece that will hopefully be able to get my ideas of social media influence across. My main ideas for this project will be focused on the impact of social media addiction, how unnatural and vicious the cycle is (Though, I will hint towards some positives that social media and phone usage has brought us, communication-wise, because I do have my own experiences that i'd like to talk about). I want to highlight how this unnatural lifestyle has changed us and how harmful it is.

By the end of this project, I will produce a short film that utilises photos, filming and editing, creating an almost time lapse/stop motion effect for the video, showing what most people use their phones for and how this addiction plays out. I also plan to have this happening while calming (contrasting) piano music plays. 

Because I plan to use a lot of photos and footage, I will need access to a camera and tripod just to keep everything consistent. I’d also need access to After Effects for post-production editing.